Who is the Administrator


Hi I’m the Administrator, I am the Editor on this site. I am a Unitarian Universalist in all but name and I even refers to myself as such.

Additionally I am a Skeptic, an Atheist and a philosophical Naturalist. This is “by the way” however since Unitarians are creedless but in some way it still matters to me since it was a long journey and I derive value from these parts of my life.

Oh and my real name is: Brian Menzies

For now I will not approve comments on the blog (with very rare exception). I run my own website at.


When I get half a moment I will repost a scaled down version of the posts on this webpage (essentially the video, title and link to the original post)

I will allow Posting comments on church postings on my site under strict rules, namely I will moderate each of them and reject comments that:

– Count as spam, i.e. designed to promote a product, service, website, etc.

-Are generally offensive beyond the defence of the criticism made (Keep it Civil)

-Express reasoning that is sufficently falacious to make me cringe (Ok that’s not actually a condition but it’s still unlikely to be approved).

Criticisms, praise, suggestions and ideas are welcome, just keep to the rules.




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